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About Geo Drain cell

Geo Drain cell is a structural drainage module manufactured from 100 % recycled poly proplene designed for sub-surface drainage where a high capture and discharge rate of water and high compressive strength is required.

Geo Drain cell is used in the construction of roof gardens, planter boxes, plaza decks, basements, pond filtration systems, concealed drains, pre-cast and in situ drains and sports fields.

Geo Drain cell provides a drainage cavity and, when used in a landscaped roof, it provides additional protection layer for the waterproofing membrane and eliminates the need for a gravel course.

Geo Drain cell modules are easily interlocked in the same plane or at right angles to one another. The modules may also be butted together without interlocking.

Geo Drain cell is available in different height profiles, and are able to withstand loads imposed by wheel burrows and mechanical equipment such as Bobcats.


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Features & Benefits

  • High compressive strength in excess of 100t/m² but lightweight
  • High surface area and internal void volume
  • Efficient water capture and discharge Interlocks in one plane and also at right angles to one another Flexibility in design and configuration
  • Rapid assembly minimises on-site disruption
  • Resistant to biological attack
  • Not affected by wide range of soil-borne chemicals
  • Narrow profile enables greater soil depth in planter beds
  • Relieves hydrostatic pressure on retaining walls