Technical Data Sheets for 20mm & 30mm Geo Drain Cell

Model Name GDC-20 GDC-30
Material 100% recycled Polypropylene 100% recycled Polypropylene
HSN code 39259000 39259000
Color Black Black
Panel Thickness 20mm 30mm
Panel Width 250mm 250mm
Panel Length 500mm 500mm
Surface Void Area 67% 67%
Internal Void Area 95% 95%
Weight 1.880grams/Sqm 3.120grams/Sqm
Flow Rate 52 L/min/meter Width @1%Gradient 71 L/min/meter Width @1%Gradient
Compressive Strength >100t/m2 >120t/m2
Service Temperature -10°C to 85°C -10°C to 85°C
Biological & Chemical Resistance Unaffected by moulds and algae, Soil borne chemicals, Bacteria and bitumen, Oils & light acid, or alkaline solutions

*Conditions: Above Values are on average basis. The data was obtained from in house test laboratory and should not be construed as engineering advice. While the information contained is accurate to the best of our knowledge, we do not warrant its accuracy or completeness